Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss Wondergem's Dreadfully Dreadful Pie

Miss Wondergem's Bakery, coming quite soon!
In fact, it will open tomorrow at noon!

There's a brand new bakery in town and no one could be happier about it than Myrna, Verna and Bradley McGrew.  As much as they love their mother, the McGrew children can't help but dread what comes out of her kitchen - and with very good reason!  For example:

Her cookies and muffins and pies were so hard
That they used them for building a fort in the yard.

Miss Wondergem's arrival promises to solve this problem, and the children waste no time in presenting themselves at the bakery the very first day it opens.  Unfortunately, Miss Wondergem's pies are more than a little unusual, and the children are in for a most unpleasant surprise.

The charming artwork for this picture book is by Wendy J. Whittingham, who truly brought the story to life with her illustrations.  Readers will enjoy meeting, not only the children, their mom and Miss Wondergem, but also the McGrew's family pet, a delightful hedgehog named Spike.

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Sheila Dalton said...

That pie looks anything but "dreadfully dreadful" and is making my mouth water!